100th Episode Community Collection!

Hello neighbors!

I’m so proud to say that this is the 100th episode of Hometown: Earth! 100 episodes of hope, solutions, fresh ideas, growth, and more. Throughout the last 100 episodes, you’ve heard so many amazing voices. And since this month we are focusing on community – I wanted to bring back some of those voices from a few episodes that really have brought home what community is and reinforced the same themes we’ve talked about in the last few episodes. A throwback episode of sorts!

The guests I highlight today, and all the ones I don’t, have made the show so valuable to all of us learning about sustainability and how to live in harmony with the earth. So a big thank you to all of the guests who’ve been on the show – the Hometown: Earth community appreciates you more than you know!

Community And You

In the episode with my dad, Keith Samford as we chatted about community. We also talked about setting goals, which is one of the ingredients for a successful community, and finding your place within your community, so you’re supporting each other instead of getting burned out.

Tap here to listen to Episode 32 – Community and you: How to get involved. 

Community & You: How To Get Involved

Sunrise Movement

But how do you find your place in your community and start to get to work on your goals or come together to create new collaborative goals for your community? In another clip from Episode 37 with Neha Desraju from the sunrise movement – she shares how organizing in your neighborhood can start to create the bonds of community that are necessary for protecting each other and reaching bigger goals – like climate action.

Tap here to listen to Episode 37 Sunrise Movement Youth-Led Climate Revolution with Neha Desaraju

Sunrise Movement: Youth-Led Climate Revolution with Neha Desaraju

Global Climate Activism

And you can organize at all levels and not just within your physical community. In Episode 53 with Dave Johnson, we talked about designing global activism by collaborating and organizing multiple levels of community worldwide.

Tap here to listen to Episode 53, Designing Global Climate Activism with Dave Johnson

Designing Global Climate Activism with Dave Johnson

Final thoughts

Just as we have the immense comfort of knowing that if in our own local neighborhood we can’t find community we can look to our global community and find what we are looking for – there is also the immense responsibility of knowing that we should be the ones someone else can come to for the same. We are at a point where we need to come together as a neighborhood and a community and save the people in need, which will work in tandem with saving the environment.

Building community is central to the human experience. It allows us to unite to raise our voices as one and demand change collectively.

And I just want to say I wouldn’t have made it to episode 100 without my Hometown: Earth community working collectively to demand change. You, listening right now, have made this possible, and I’m so thankful for you taking this community to your other communities and spreading this information.

Remember that small acts by many people can change your community – or even the world.

Something to grow on

So for this week’s something to grow on, I have a small ask that you join our online community. Whether subscribing to the newsletter through my website, like on Facebook or following on Instagram, I would love to continue growing with you there.

Until next time, thanks for joining me, neighbor.

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