From Food Scraps to Craft Spirits – How to Have Your Cake and Drink It Too!

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Go ahead and cue the shot glasses because this episode we are toasting to one of the coolest vodka’s on the market! What if I told you that all of the old Twinkie’s, ding dongs, birthday cakes, and bagels that didn’t make it from the shelf to your kitchen could be thrown into a bin and made into a smooth, delicious vodka – would you believe me? Well, I never dreamed it could be done, but the makers of Misadventure Vodka did, and you will be blown away!

In this episode, Whit Rigali shares with us how he and Sam Chereskin work together in San Diego, California to sustainably produce their award-winning Misadventure Vodka, the world’s first carbon-negative spirit made from excess baked goods collected from food banks, that’s right – you can help fight climate change and food waste just by taking a shot! We also talk about the distillation process for Misadventure Vodka, and how sustainable processes are implemented along the way to make them truly stand out.

Whit asks us to embrace life’s misadventures, which is how they created this sustainable product, and even gives us an amazing recipe for a Misadventure Martini that will satisfy you and help divert food waste from polluting the planet – so let’s cheers to that win and dive right in!

Food Waste

Did you know that 40% of food that is grown in the U.S ends up in a landfill?! That translates $218 billion per year lost, and at the individual level, a household of four spends, on average, $1,500 or more, per year, on food that never gets eaten.

Whit tells us that 25% of California’s drinking water goes into the food they don’t even eat! So by having food waste, we are wasting natural and labor resources to grow, sell, package, and ship our food – only to waste that money, and put methane into the atmosphere which is hurting our planet.

Misadventure & Co. is here to help alleviate some of that waste through creating vodka from excess baked goods. Grocery stores typically turn over their excess food to Food Banks for a tax write off, but a lot of that food is unhealthy or expired (in comes the twinkies, birthday cakes, and bagels). Misadventure helps to divert this food from being sent to a landfill by taking the useable starches from baked goods and distilling it down into a vodka. They even give the excess slurry to a local composter, and use what’s leftover to fuel the tiki torches in their tasting room!

Hedonistic Sustainability

This is the idea that you can enjoy yourself while you’re doing good for the planet! Misadventure Vodka is an affordable luxury vodka that Whit says has a subtle vanilla flavor, and has won multiple awards in blind taste tests against some of the best vodkas in the world!

It is gluten free with no additives, and 12x distilled, so you know you’ll feel good about drinking! To try their vodka, click here!

Whit Regali

Whit Rigali

Cofounder, VP, Distiller of Misadventure & Co. The World’s first distillery to make carbon negative vodka from surplus baked goods!

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