20 Self-Love Affirmations

Self-love is about developing confidence in our worth, happiness, and well-being. Self-love is a true form of love that all else stems from. 

Influences on our worth

Self-love can be a hard thing to develop without a little push. With all of the influence in the world, it starts to get overwhelming. Perfectly curated Instagram photos, Pinterest pins depicting the trendiest outfits, reality TV shows convincing us that we need fortune and fame to define our success, beauty, and quality of life.

The grass is greener on your side

When I looked in the mirror or thought about my life – I was always comparing it to someone else’s which inherently means I was losing every single time. There was no way I knew what really was going on in another person’s life – so theirs always seemed better. The grass is always greener right?

I don’t know about you – but I knew something had to change.

At first, I thought self-love equated to vanity, selfishness, ego. Once I started to practice mindfulness and self-reflection – I realized that self-love meant having confidence in my worth, my happiness, and my well-being. Without the ability to love me for who I was, how could I expect to fully love anyone else for who they were? I couldn’t.

Self love is a journey

Thus began my journey towards self-love. (And trust me it is a journey with many ups and downs!) Not for vanity. Not for ego’s sake. Not because I was selfish. I wanted to put myself in a position where I knew my worth and prioritized it so that I could fully and freely live and love others no matter what circumstances arise.

And it all began with self-love affirmations.

Affirmations re-write our subconscious mind. A secret message to our inner selves that may have been hidden by years of conditioning, trauma, and influence from ourselves and others that we aren’t enough.

These self-love affirmations help us to regain our inner strength and remove ourselves from the patterns of negative self-talk.

I suggest saying these affirmations in the morning, choosing a few to write in a journal each day, saying them aloud, or interrupting your negative self-talk with a positive one from the list below.

20 Self love affirmations

    1. I am already enough.
    2. I am loved.
    3. I deserve all the good that comes my way.
    4. I deserve all of the abundance that flows to me.
    5. I determine my value – and I know that I am priceless.
    6. I am the source of infinite love and light.
    7. I trust myself and my intuition.
    8. I attract love and kindness into my life.
    9. I love my body and all it does for me daily.
    10. My differences are what make me unique.
    11. I am strong and can take on any challenge that comes my way.
    12. I breathe out negativity and breathe in positivity.
    13. I choose happiness for myself every single day.
    14. I add value to the world.
    15. Everything I need is already within me.
    16. I accept and embrace myself fully.
    17. I believe in my ability to reach my dreams.
    18. My mind, body, and soul are strong, capable, and beautiful.
    19. My life has a purpose.
    20. I love myself deeply and fully.Self love affirmations, self-love, affirmations 

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