4 Simple Prompts to Calm Stress

Stress: A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

Ways to ease stress: Journaling, meditation, exercise, sleep, nutrition.

The need to rest and reset

I’ve been planning a bachelorette party with my sister for the last few months, and as it draws closer my stress levels are through the roof! Will the planning turn out the way I envision? Will they change our reservations last minute? Will she LOVE it?

It may seem like something silly to be stressed about, but so much time, money, and effort has gone into a weekend we will remember forever! This is your reminder that whatever you are concerned about is valid. We all operate on different scales and you should never feel like you have to add guilt on top of your stress.

Identify your stress

Your stress may manifest itself in many different ways. It’s always best to be mindful and check-in with yourself to identify how stress is manifesting in your life.

My stress manifested itself into my dreams at night as worst-case scenarios and has been spilling into my day. I decided to write down 4 prompts that will cause you to step back and thoughtfully calm stress. You can answer these to yourself or use them in a journal to help you spill out your emotions, allowing you to fill your cup back up with all of the goodness!

4 Prompts to Calm Stress

What would happen if my worst-case scenario came true?

First, ask yourself what would happen if the thing you’re so stressed about goes completely wrong. What is the WORST CASE scenario that could happen? In my case, the worst case is that every reservation falls through, and the bride is unhappy and disappointed with the weekend and me. Now ask yourself – will life go on? I think you’ll answer yes. Worst-case scenarios need to be used sparingly, but when we realize what could go wrong, we can be open to new opportunities and realize things aren’t so bad.

For instance, if my worst-case scenario happened and all of our reservations fell through, we would have the opportunity to go to new places and try new experiences. Maybe the catastrophe brings us closer as a group. Or maybe it allows me to see who really appreciates our effort, regardless of the outcome. (Disclaimer my bride would literally never actually make me feel less than or unappreciated – that’s my monkey mind making me think that!) The point is that everything in life is a lesson, and we just need to be open to where it can take us.

What is the best-case scenario?

If you’re allowing yourself to think about the worst-case scenario – why not let yourself think of the best-case scenario? What would happen if EVERYTHING went better than you ever dreamed? In my case, the best-case scenario is that we have the most delectable food we’ve ever eaten, everyone’s face and belly hurt from laughing so much, the bride radiates with joy – oh, AND we meet Channing Tatum as he visits his bar/restaurant!

As you know, this is likely to not all happen in one trip. Realize that your worst and best-case scenarios will likely fall somewhere in the middle. Nothing can be perfect, and nothing can be all bad. We need to be as present as possible and not catastrophize the future.

I am grateful for … in this moment

Speaking of living in the present moment. One of the best ways to calm stress is to try to be grateful for what you have now. Gratitude is the ultimate healer and teacher. I cannot say enough good things about how gratitude can change your life. Instead of just general gratitude, try practicing gratitude in the present moment related to whatever stress you’re experiencing.

Back to my example, I would say, I am grateful for a sister who is so generous and helpful, picking up the slack when I need her most. I am grateful for the opportunity to plan a special weekend to bring together people I love after such a difficult pandemic.

I am looking forward to…

This one helps to pull yourself out of the negative and align yourself with the positive outcomes of whatever you are stressed out about. Allow yourself to daydream about good things that are coming your way! 

For example – I am looking forward to seeing my best friend surrounded by people who love her. I am looking forward to seeing our hard work come to fruition. I am looking forward to unforgettable memories. 

I hope these 5 prompts help you to calm your stress and find peace at this moment! Comment below if they helped you or if you plan on trying them!

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