6 Ways To Show Up For Yourself

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How often do you show up for yourself? Do you even know what that looks like? In this post, I go over 6 Ways to Show Up For Yourself.

Think of it this way – has there ever been a time when you’ve asked someone for something, and you just wanted them to show up for you? Maybe you asked them to help you move, finish a project, or just listen with an understanding ear. You want them to show up for you – to help you move forward in a positive way, and it hurts if they disappoint you.

What if we treated ourselves in the same respect? We say we want to feel more energized, more purposeful, more abundant. Have you shown up for yourself in order to reach those goals? For instance, say you want to finally stop mindlessly watching TV and go for a hike instead. Are you actually following through? Are you showing up for yourself?

Here’s how I define showing up for yourself: Holding yourself accountable for taking care of your wants, needs, and desires for a better, healthier YOU.

Are you ready to start treating yourself with the respect you deserve in order to achieve your dream life? Here’s how!

1. Take Care Of Your Health

Sometimes life gets busy and we put our health on the back burner. Usually, we feel too tired to do the things that would actually bring us more energy.

Are you taking daily walks? Or moving your body in some way? Are you eating meals that are full of vegetables and healthy proteins? Are you getting enough sleep? Taking care of yourself is a full-time job. But in order to truly show up for yourself – your needs have to come first. Your body carries you throughout the day, whatever you put it through. Taking care of your health is showing your body the love it deserves.

2. Let Go Of Your Mental Weight

Are you drained with the constant battle of emotions going on in your head? Maybe you’re like me and have self-imposed expectations weighing you down. Or are stuck in old habits that are no longer serving you. Or maybe it’s something else.

The best way to show up for yourself and be able to move forward is to let go of your mental weight one step at a time. Here are my tips on how to let go!

3. Set Boundaries For Yourself

Setting boundaries is crucial to establishing your identity and protecting your mental health. Imagine setting boundaries like putting up a white picket fence in your mind and placing everything you love is inside. Think: What are my values? What do I want to protect at all costs? My peace? My family? Time? Is there anything getting in the way of those things?

Show up for yourself – set boundaries and stick to them. Learn to say no when things may come in the way of what you are protecting. Safeguard your safe spaces and do not let anyone or anything come into the space that isn’t serving you or your wellbeing.

To set a boundary you need to be clear, communicate (the what and the why), and be ready to set consequences when they trample through your beautiful white fence onto your protected energy.

Some examples include:

  • Letting a friend who constantly eats up your time with calls and texts that you appreciate them but you need to only have one set call a week to protect your time and energy.
  • Telling a significant other that you value your privacy and don’t want them going through your phone or belongings without your consent.
  • Asking the people in your life not to mention your weight every time they see you because it isn’t healthy for your mental growth.

4. Remove yourself from toxic situations(and people)

There is nothing more draining than a toxic person. You know the ones. The person who constantly yearns for drama. Has that bad habit that you hate being around. Has an overblown negative response to every small hiccup life has to offer. And they definitely aren’t following the boundaries you set for yourself. They drain your energy and leave you feeling unsettled every time you’re done with a conversation with them. You, my friend, are in a toxic situation.

Ending a relationship is hard. But in order to show up for yourself, you need to remove yourself from the toxic situation ASAP! Take a break from hanging out with that friend. Ween them off from communication if you can, or straight up tell them that you need some time to take care of you and you won’t be responding to their calls or texts.

It might be scary at first, but when you find that the negative energy they brought is no longer in your life – you will be more than thankful you showed up for yourself and protected your peace. 

5. Do Something That Fills Your Cup Every Day

That happy, abundant, purposeful life you want? Yeah, it’s done when you fill your cup! Filling your cup means you’re doing things that renew your mental, physical, and spiritual energy. My favorite saying is “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” This means that you can’t give what you don’t have. If you aren’t replenishing your cup with what makes you feel alive you can’t expect other aspects of your life to be full and purposeful.

Some people have a passion or a hobby that fills their cup. For others, it might look like a bubble bath and while they listen to their favorite album on full blast. Not sure what fills your cup? During a month, write down in the Notes app on your phone every time you feel truly happy. Who were you around? What were you doing? What emotions did it give you? Take note and then once you’ve got it start to incorporate it into your daily life. You’ve only got one life – spending it doing things you LOVE!

6. Ask For Help

As adults, we sometimes feel like the weight of the world is ours to carry always. That we should be the fixers, doers, creators, and heroes for everyone else in our lives and forget to think about ourselves. If you want to show up for yourself, ask for help.

This could mean asking for help once to accomplish a goal you’ve been trying to reach, or asking for consistent help from someone you trust. Or it could mean reaching out to a family member, friend, or doctor for advice on how you can cope with your struggles and rearrange your priorities more effectively.

One thing that is a constant in life is that things change. People will come in and out of your life, and the only person you are guaranteed to be with until the end of time is YOU! So start showing up for yourself today and you will be so thankful you did!

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