Level Up With A Morning Routine

Benefits of a morning routine

Have you ever woken up, started scrolling on your phone, then just casually went from one task to the other – cue showering, making breakfast, watering the plants, petting the dogs, etc. Then all of a sudden it’s like half of your morning is gone and you’re rushing out of the door (or in my case to my laptop upstairs) to work? Same.

This can be such a frustrating feeling because you feel like your schedule is running you instead of you taking control of your schedule, and ultimately your time. Our time is our most valuable resource, so you want to make it count – right?

Having a morning routine can change your perspective, putting you in the best position for having a good day that you feel proud about!

Here are 5 reasons why you should be implementing a morning routine to level up your life (with examples from my morning routine!)

morning routine

Sets the tone for the day

Instead of wondering why you’re rolling out of bed in the morning – you can give yourself purpose!

Imagine the perfect morning – one that allows you to learn, grow, or be at peace. Even if the rest of the day doesn’t go as desired – it will be a lot easier to deal with if you go into it with the gratitude and happiness you cultivated at the beginning of the day!

You’re more likely to be positive, flexible, and more productive during the day if you start out with a healthy morning routine! 

Allows you to take control

When you are casually (or haphazardly) going about your morning, you may be missing out on the things you actually want to do. Let’s be honest, how much of your New Year’s Resolution list have you implemented?

For example, most people want to read more, or exercise every day, or drink more water. They go about their day, taking tasks as they come, and by the time it’s over you still haven’t achieved the thing you truly wanted to do, which may come with feelings of guilt or disappointment.

It may feel monotonous to do the same thing every morning at first, but it allows you to take control of your time – fitting in the things you truly want to do and leaving your mental space clear and the rest of the day up for opportunity.

take control
drink water

Transforms you to the person you want to be

Who is it you truly want to be? What tasks or routines would help you to be that person? Fill your morning routine with tasks that support the identity you want to create for yourself. 

Drinking one glass of water here and there probably doesn’t make you feel like you identify as someone who nourishes their body. But if you set in your schedule every morning to exercise or drink a glass of water, as soon as you wake up, you’ll start to see yourself as a person who cares about and nourishes their body. Pretty soon you can continue to stack on new habits that help you to continue living the life you truly want.

Reduces stress

Case in point above – when you’re running around doing a task here and a task there – it gets stressful. Having your morning routine streamlined so you know what you need to do and how long it will take you reduces stress.

I imagine it like the first few pieces of a Tetris puzzle falling down. You put them into place the right way, building a good foundation, and the rest of the puzzle pieces (just like the tasks in your day) fall into place a lot easier.

energy - morning routine

a morning routine gives you more energy

Some people aren’t morning people because they are too tired, or want to get that extra hour of sleep. But too much sleep can actually make you more tired. The perfect remedy to beat morning fatigue is to have a morning routine.

Have you ever heard the phrase “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” Stacking your morning routine with things that fill your soul and give you more energy (like reading or exercising) allows you to give back to yourself and others more throughout the day.

Examples from my morning routine

📱Turn my phone to airplane mode at night & don’t check to turn it off until at least 1 hour after I’ve been awake.
🌝Wake up early & walk outside with the dogs (touching my feet to the ground no matter what the weather – practicing earthing and mindfulness)
🍋Drink hot lemon watercheck out the benefits here! 
📖 Read a physical book for 30 minutes
✍️ Journal one page (setting a limit to only one page helps me to not burn out on the task) including at least 3 expressions of gratitude. 
👟Exercise (either a workout, yoga, or walk – or all three!)

lemon water - morning routine

Are you ready to start your morning routine? Heck yes! You’ve got this. 

Want to know how I stick to it, and how you can too? Check out Episode 21 of Hometown: Earth to see How to Create Healthy Habits that Stick!

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