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I’m a content creator and social media specialist located in Columbia. I specialize in increasing engagement, creating quality content through professional photography/videography, and developing brand consistency for local businesses on Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like to chat about the possibility of working together to elevate your brand with photos that reflect you – contact me today!

Here’s how I can help you!

  • Create consistent brand awareness
  • Develop a relationship with your customers so you stay top of mind
  • Position you to be a professional leader in your industry
  • Promote your products and services
  • Build a library of high-quality photo/video content



closeup of a cocktail pour
two martinis
closeup of a classic cocktail
close up of a cocktail being mixed
close up of a unicorn cocktail
a cocktail next to a beer
man pouring ingredients into a drink
a cocktail in front of an art deco backdrop
a woman holding a sangria
closeup of a cocktail
closeup of a unicorn cocktail
man holding a cocktail


closeup of a quiche
close up of a slice of cake
food in a cast iron pan
close up of a man eating dinner
close up of a house burger
april dinner and wine
close up of a winter salad
close up of a quiche
close up of a chicken sandwich
desert in a skillet
a well made pot of food
man serving dinner
close up of an April dinner
close up of shrimp and grits
closeup of delicious food
closeup of a fancy dish
close up of a winter salad
close up of shrimp and grits
close up of brunch

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