Mind, Body, and Spirit Spring Reset

Here are the tools to start your Mind, Body, and Spirit Spring Reset. In all things, trust your intuition. You know what is best for you – if you take the time to ask and listen.

Spring is here!

Spring is upon us, and we finally are ready to swipe away the literal and metaphorical cobwebs to feel refreshed and ready to take on a new season of life! Spring allows us to start again or to let go of things that are no longer serving us.

Things that are no longer serving you don’t align with your current path. This could be people, possessions, habits, commitments, beliefs, or goals. Letting go doesn’t have to be bad. It is natural for people to change and our relationships and lives to change.

Mind, Body, and Spirit Spring Reset

I am reminded of this quote from Steven Hall:

“Every single cell in the human body replaces itself over a period of seven years. That means there’s not even the smallest part of you now that was part of you seven years ago.”

But the great thing is that you don’t have to wait every seven years to change. If something (or someone) is giving you tension that doesn’t help you grow in a positive direction – maybe it is time for a Mind, Body, and Spirit Spring Reset.

Mind Reset

There are many ways we can improve our mental health and get a new perspective on life. Here are a few:

Desire vs. duty

Write down the things you desire to do more of in your life, something you want to do but aren’t doing it yet, and your duties. Once you’ve written down your thoughts, you can sit back and think about them. How can you give yourself more of the things you want? How can you reach the desires you have? Do you have a clear path/plan? What duties make you feel good afterward? What obligations do you dread? Evaluate and respond accordingly. The big thing here is to recognize and then take action.

Start a new reflective practice

One of the biggest challenges to growth is a lack of self-awareness. Try meditation (there are many ways you can meditate), journaling, writing letters to your past self or others, therapy, or anything else that allows you to sit back and reflect. You can’t move forward without knowing where you’ve been or where you are now.

Choose to express gratitude daily

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools we have to shift our mindset completely. Gratitude will bring you more positive experiences and emotions, improve your health and stress levels, and improve relationships with yourself and others. Get started by writing three things you are grateful for every day and keep them with you in this sustainable pocket notebook.

Body Reset

If you’re like me, you were in a sort of hibernation state over the cold months. Now is the time to break free from the sluggish feeling we’ve built up and reset our bodies.

Commit to better sleep

Have you ever woken up from a good night’s rest and felt amazing? Yeah – same here! Quality sleep can reduce stress, improve your mood, regulate your body correctly, and reduce health problems. But it’s not just enough to bring in those 8 hours every night. Try to get on a regular sleep schedule or routine so that your body isn’t thrown out of wack.

Incorporate a healthier, plant-forward diet

We know that eating healthier, plant-forward food is linked to more energy, clear focus, and fewer chronic illnesses. Eating more plant-forward meals is also better for the environment than eating meat-forward plates or junk food. Make a plan for how often you want to eat these meals, and start today!

Choose an activity that gets your body moving

Moving is good for our physical bodies and our minds. Moving our bodies can help give us motivation, hope, and that hit of dopamine that keeps us happy and keeps our bodies from getting achy and tight (preventing injury), and increases stability, balance, coordination, and bone health. This could be a regular workout routine, walking in nature, swimming, dancing, yoga, or anything that allows you to move your body for a little while each day.

Spirit reset

This one is the hardest for many people. Digging down past the surface is not easy because many people don’t want to see what may be hiding there. Now is the time to buck up and reset spiritually.

Connect with others

Human connection is a powerful thing. The past few years have proven challenging for many people to connect with others. Now is the time to start rebuilding your connections. Reconnect with friends and family you may have fallen out of touch with that you want to keep in your life. Connect with new people who might align with where you are now in your life. Volunteer so you can start to build empathy for humankind and view the world from a spiritual perspective instead of your ego.

Find new ways of happiness

When you did your evaluation above – did you discover that you weren’t as happy as you’d like to be? Maybe you found that the things that used to bring you happiness no longer serve you the way they used to. My favorite saying is, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” To fill our spiritual cup, which spills into every other aspect of our life, we have to incorporate things into our lives that make us happy or even set our souls on fire. This could be something as small as an afternoon tea or as large as a new hobby. Find new ways to find happiness that will allow you to recharge your spirit every day.

Release whatever you’ve been holding on to

When you read that – did something come to mind? Anger? Guilt? Regret? Envy? You’ve allowed yourself to feel those feelings for long enough. Now is the time to let go. Permit yourself to forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgive others (whether they care or not). Holding onto negative emotions only poisons you and prevents you from living a truly fulfilling life. Once you let go of that weight and direct that energy towards things that lift you up – you will feel liberated, empowered, and ready for new opportunities.

You’ve got the tools to start your Mind, Body, and Spirit Spring Reset. Put them into action today!

In all things, trust your intuition. You know what is best for you – if you take the time to ask and listen. Do you have anything to add to this list? Comment below!


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