Can Sustainability be self-serving?

Show Notes 

Altruism isn’t the only pathway to sustainability. In this episode with my childhood friend, Haley Flanagan, we explore her self-serving reasons for wanting to live more of a sustainable life. We tackle topics like recycling, food deserts, how our upbringing affects our habits, and we break down some of the confusing terminology surrounding the green movement!


Some challenges that Haley faces are not feeling like she can actually make a difference, trash – literally, and being overwhelmed by recycling and terminology. We address some of these issues by breaking down terminologies such as organic versus natural, green versus sustainable, vegan versus plant-based, and more. We also discuss the rules around recycling and the answer to some of those questions can be found on the Hometown: Earth Instagram feed. 

Self-serving sustainability

In this episode, Haley discusses her motivations about wanting to reduce her trash, to eat better, and to watch what is in her products. When talking about changing her diet and watching what is in her products she says, “All those things I think that we’re just hurting us, even like facial products that were so toxic I didn’t realize what’s in it. And now, it’s like the past year, my facial routine, how I eat…just making better choices in general. I think it was a very selfish reason that you know, that I did it at least, but I think that’s the biggest thing. I think we have to make it more of a selfish thing to be more involved.”

This or That?

Haley asks all of the hard-hitting questions in a little round of this or that. Should she use a dishwasher or hand wash her dishes? Should she flush the toilet every time, or once a day? What about online shopping versus shopping in stores? Should she throw food away in the garbage disposal or the trash? And a little freebie question, glass or plastic? I’ll give you a hint – it’s glass!

Something to grow on

This week, Something to Grow is a quote from Katrina Mayer that says “The people who make the biggest difference are the ones who do the little things consistently.” So I hope you feel confident knowing you can start to tackle some of these big changes with small, consistent changes – and remember to give yourself a little grace! 


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