The first question before buying anything and the most important towards being a conscious consumer, is to ask yourself is do I really need this? Or does the person I’m buying this for really need this?

Most of us trade our precious time for money, which means when we spend it with abandon, we have to keep working harder and longer to get ahead. Separating your wants from your needs will not only help you save money but help you save time since most of us trade our time for money daily.

If you are buying for yourself, or if you are buying eco-friendly gifts for others, you could consider DIY. If you are making something yourself it adds so much sentimental value to an item. If you’re not crafty or aren’t interested in making the item, you could opt for a low waste item or a product from a sustainable company.

DIY Gift Ideas

Homemade Soup Mix or Brownie Kit (via Vegan Richa)
Crocheted scarf or blanket (via Jewels and Jones)
Handmade Jewelry (via Paper & Stich)
Baked Treats (via my Darling Vegan)
Zero Waste Candles (via the Greener Girl)
Painted Mug (via Wit & Whistle)
Personalized stationary or photo book (via Root & Branch)
Bath Bombs (via aglow Lifestyle)
Coasters (via XO, MaCenna)

Low Waste Gift Ideas

Regifting something you don’t need
Access to E-Books such as an Audible Membership
Subscription to streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, or Calm
Event tickets to a Concert, Play, or Ballet
Classes or Lessons like Dancing Lessons
Museum Tickets
Sporting Event Tickets
Massage Gift Certificate
Local Art – you could even have something commissioned!
Charity Donation on their behalf
Thrifted or Antique finds
Gift Card to a Sustainable Store
Compost Bin
Crafted gifts from Etsy
Sustainable Coffee Subscription

Companies with Sustainably Made Products

ABLE – Use code LENABF30 for 30% off Black Friday
Alternative Apparel
For Days
Girlfriend Collective
Matr Boomie – Use code LENA30 for 30% off Black Friday

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