5 Tips for Monday Motivation!

No matter how the weekend went or what you have in front of you, Monday is a way to start fresh!

riding the wave to monday

Do you hate Mondays?

If you’re on the same schedule as much of the world, then you might ride the joyous wave that is the weekend until all of a sudden the halting reality hits. It’s Monday and you have to go back to work. Some call it the Monday Blues, or you might even get the ‘Sunday Scaries’ if this reality hits you a little earlier!

Why Monday Blues?

This happens because many of us go from peak happiness – feeling free, relaxed, and operating on our own schedule to operating on a work schedule. It feels like Monday is the bad guy that takes all of our fun and freedom away. And usually, the grogginess we feel on a Monday morning is because our routine is disrupted – making it hard to drum up motivation and jump-start your day. Our sleep cycle can easily get out of wack with naps, sleeping in late, or staying up later than we might normally.

Or, you simply might not like your job. If you head to work and don’t feel like you’re living your dream at your current job – Monday means a return to something you don’t enjoy, or people you don’t enjoy.

Monday blues can affect our ability to stay positive, be productive, and just overall get the week off to a less than ideal start which has a ripple effect for the rest of the week.

But hear me out, Monday’s don’t have to be hell!

5 Tips for Monday Motivation

We can choose to reframe our Mondays to be more enjoyable. We can choose to treat our weekdays, especially Monday, with as much happiness and joy as we do on the weekends with a little mindset shift.

Monday is an excellent place to start. Here are my 5 tips for Monday Motivation!

Connect with your co-workers or friends

Is everyone in the office talking about how their weekends went? Chime in and relive your weekend, as well as listen to others! Human connection is what we all need (introverts and extroverts alike!) Even a tiny question of “How did your weekend go?” or “How can I help you today?” can turn that slump into a bump.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your co-workers, or if you work from home as I do, maybe you choose to use Monday mornings as a reminder to text your friends and let them know you hope they have a good day. This will boost your mood and help keep you connected to others if the day does turn on its head!

Stick to a routine

Whether that’s staying on your sleep schedule throughout the weekend, going to sleep early on a Sunday night, or creating a morning routine that makes you happy to wake up – routines are soothing to our souls. It might seem to be counterintuitive, but creating a routine helps us to feel freer because we have created time to do the things we love (like reading, dancing, working out, journaling, etc.) Consider adding something special to your Monday Morning routine – like grabbing a cup of coffee or listening to your favorite podcast to set the tone for an enjoyable day!

Make your Monday nights exciting

Keep that weekend wave rolling along by inviting a friend over, cooking a special meal for yourself, or going to do an activity on Monday night. That will keep you excited for the evening throughout the day!

Prepare for Monday

Is there anything you can do the night before or Monday morning to help give you a boost? Maybe you take the time to lay out an outfit you feel confident in, make your lunch, and cue up a playlist so that Monday feels less rushed and a little lighter! Luckily, I created a Monday Motivation playlist on Spotify to help get your day off to a good start!

Set the tone for the day

No matter how the weekend went or what you have in front of you, Monday is a way to start fresh! Sit down for a few minutes and vividly imagine yourself enjoying the day. Picture yourself sitting at your desk or your place of work. You can see yourself getting things done, smiling, and connecting with others. The more detail the better! And, imagine that you are doing these things with confidence and joy. Ask yourself – what is one thing you can accomplish that will make you feel proud of yourself? What is one feeling you hope to have? Set your intentions for the day.

Mondays can be something we enjoy if we just approach them with a shift in our attitude and mindset! Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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