Let Go Of Your Mental Weight

Are you tired of carrying that weight? Me too! No, we aren’t talking physical weight here. We are talking about the mental weight you’re carrying.

Mental Weight

There are a lot of things that can hold weight for us. Most of my mental weight comes from expectations I set for myself: to be more productive, to be more present, to be a better person, etc.

Maybe that weight looks a little different for you. It could be work, heartbreak, being stuck to old habits that no longer serve you, family expectations, or doing things that don’t feed our soul. I bet when I’m mentioning this something (or multiple things) have already come to mind.

When I don’t meet my own expectations, or when I’m faced with my mental weight, I feel also carry the emotions that come with that: disappointment, anxiety, anger, disgust, loneliness. Have you ever felt the same? This is your reminder that it is OK to let that weight go! 👏

Holding on to all of that mental weight and emotions gets HEAVY. It drains our energy and is like a clogged gutter – waiting for the next big breakdown. Emotional baggage and past experiences that we hold on to prevent us from making better lifestyle changes. It also affects our health and personal finances. Releasing it helps us to live a little lighter, increasing our energy levels and allowing us to occupy our minds with things that can serve us and allow us to grow.

Unpacking bricks

Some people like to imagine their mental weight like a backpack full of bricks that they can unload one brick at a time to lighten their load. If this works for you – GREAT! Start to examine those bricks – naming each as you unload them. Maybe you imagine breaking the bricks, throwing them on the ground, releasing yourself from them. Maybe you imagine making a road with the bricks, something that you can eventually stride over with confidence.

Floating by like clouds

My method is a little different. I try to think of mental weight like clouds. Unlike bricks, the clouds can dissipate instead of being left somewhere for me to pick back up or hand off to someone else. When I hold on to these clouds for too long, a storm begins to brew – washing over me, making me wet, cold, and heavy. Can you see it? Imagine your thoughts like watching clouds – let them come and go as you observe and appreciate what they might be trying to tell you. Let them pass by without holding on and allowing a storm to brew. Now, take a deep breath and let all that you’ve been harboring go. Watch it as it floats into the air and passes by.

Into the Pensieve

And for all of my fellow Harry Potter fans out there, you could think of them as thoughts that you pull from your mind with a magic wand like Dumbledore to drop into the Pensieve. Something that helps you to release thoughts and see them objectively. Whatever method works best for you, starting to be aware of these thoughts and realizing you have the power to unpack them can be life-changing! I suggest you choose an exercise of letting go of your mental weight and incorporate it into a regular practice and see how much better you feel. Comment below and let me know what works best for you! *Note: Views expressed are my own, I am not a licensed therapist. If your weight feels too heavy to bear, please reach out to a licensed therapist or your doctor.

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