Money Affirmations: Changing Your Money Mindset

Reevaluate your relationship with money and start building a better one with these money affirmations to build wealth and become financially free.

Money Mindset

I’ve always had a storied relationship with money. I distinctly remember being a child, worrying about finances and the amount of money that was being spent on extracurricular activities, food, or anything else I wanted or needed. That led into adulthood, where I was living in (and am currently transitioning out of) a scarcity mindset. The dreaded feeling that I can never live how I want to live because of money and my absence of it.

When I get it, I immediately spend it on things I wanted or needed because of the “if you don’t use it you lose it” mentality. The rich have more money to satisfy their wants and needs on a regular basis. That’s not how the poor and middle class typically see things. When someone like me gets a hold of an extra bit of money – I feel the need to spend it right away because I don’t think there will be any more down the road, and if there is, it’s not coming anytime soon. Even if I did decide to save that little extra $100 as it comes along squirreled away in my underwear drawer, it really wouldn’t get me very far in the long run. So why not spend it on real things that I want and need now?

I’ve realized this is how the perpetually broke think. I want to break the cycle for myself.

Money is our friend

The rich see that bit of extra money and invest. It is the mindset that there is always more money to be had. It flows in abundance all around us, and investing will turn it into more money.

The relationship with money is different.

You can’t think money is a necessary evil and then find yourself trying to get more of it to satisfy your needs. That it’s hard to earn and hard to keep. The universe is listening to us, and it is confused. We need to reevaluate our relationship with money and develop a new money mindset. We need to see it as a best friend – an ally that will help us to meet our needs. Our ticket to abundance and freedom.

One way I’ve been trying to reevaluate that relationship is with affirmations.

We know our thoughts make our reality – so why not think of money coming to you and affirm that wealth and prosperity are our reality, making it so.

7 Money Affirmations to change your money mindset

💸I am attracting wealth at this very moment.

💸Money is abundant and flows to me easily.

💸Money is my friend, and I welcome it into my home.

💸My actions create value and that value creates wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

💸Money is drawn to me every day in unique and various ways.

💸I release any worry or fear standing in my way of financial freedom.

💸I deserve financial security and all the good fortune that it brings.

Start repeating these affirmations to yourself daily, and especially if you find yourself starting to worry or fall into your old money mindset patterns. You’ve got everything you need inside you to be successful – so go secure the bag!

If you’re having trouble setting up financial plans or getting started with more information on money – I suggest reaching out to someone for help. The best way to make and grow your money is to learn how to from people who have been successful with it.

There are plenty of articles online, books you can read, and talented financial planners that will help you grow. I just started working with my go-to girl Amber over at Ambitious Management. Within one call already have a better understanding of where I am headed with my finances than I have before, so I definitely recommend checking her out!

Let me know which affirmation resonates with you in the comments below!

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