Saving the World One Safety Razor at a Time!

We all have hair, and most of us trim, wax, pluck, pull, or cut it to make it manageable. This means that we all have a razor. I know this because the EPA once estimated that in the U.S. alone, 2 billion razors and refill blades get tossed out each year.

Environmental Impact of Razors

To put it another way, it is estimated that “enough disposable razors are thrown away EVERY YEAR (globally) to circle the earth 6 times.”

Anybody else’s jaw drop?

Disposable razors and refill blades can’t be recycled because they are mixed materials that have sharp objects. So their impact on the environment is huge as they are sent to landfills as hazardous waste.

When they get to the landfill, the blades rust and disintegrate – and the plastics can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade!

When I started living more sustainably, I found that safety razors were the way to go because they were better for the planet as they are:

    • Made up of materials that aren’t plastic
    • The handle is 100% recyclable in metal recycling. (Collect your used blades in a tin and you can drop them off at your local recycling center).
    • It’s economically more feasible. One razor costs $32, but a pack of 10 replacement blades is only $4. Compare that to the $25 I was spending every other month on 3 razors – it adds up. (There is a reason Gillette stopped making safety blades – and it was because they could make more profit selling plastic as the giant they were are the industry).

It just makes sense for all of us to do our part and to make little swaps wherever we can to help save the planet – right?

Scared Of Using A Safety Razor? I Was Too—Now I Love It

But the thought of using an actual razor blade that wasn’t what I was used to on my skin SCARED ME! I also have extremely sensitive skin (or so I thought) so I wasn’t sure how it would work for me. After every shave, with whatever brand or razor or gel I used, my skin would be red and inflamed. Forget putting on lotion afterward because it would just sting.

In comes the safety razor. I found this safety razor on EcoRoots and the reviews blew me away. People were fawning all over it – so I decided to take the plunge and order one for myself. Boy am I glad I did!

I wasn’t sure why I didn’t trust the word “safety” in the name, but these really are safety razors. You just have to operate them a bit differently than typical disposable razors.

How to Use a safety razor

The instructions for a safety razor are that you hold it to your skin – you do not apply pressure on your skin like a normal razor.

Additionally, instead of being held flat on your skin like a normal razor, you hold it at about a 20-30 degree angle.

My process to get the hang of this new type of razor was to hold the safety razor against my skin and shave at different angles – feeling the hair afterward, until I got the angle and rhythm down. It only took one shower and I was SOLD. It may take you a little longer to get used to it so just be patient!

You switch the razor when it gets dull – about every 7 shaves.

The blade is extremely simple to switch. You just rotate the head of the razor off. This allows for the top and bottom of the head to come apart. Then you remove the blade, add the new one, and screw back together! I bought razors in bulk so I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough to last me into my 40s (not kidding). It takes up a small amount of space in my drawer.

*I will note that you can’t take safety razors on a plane – but you can check them in your checked baggage!

Unexpected benefits of my safety razor

One of the biggest things I noticed (besides the savings) is that my skin no longer felt irritated afterward! It was a smooth, close shave that left my skin feeling soft. That alone made the switch worth it (if helping to save the planet wasn’t big enough!)

AND they are gorgeous on a shelf or on your counter to boot!! It gives off a certain nostalgia – like watching your grandpa shave in the mirror. Mine is rose gold, and I get so many compliments on it when people come into my bathroom!

I suggest you try EcoRoots – made for all bodies and as an added bonus: all of their products and shipping are plastic-free and they only use recyclable materials for packaging too!

So if you’re considering the switch but you are scared of a safety razor – just know that I was too and now I LOVE mine and never plan on going back! The future IS plastic-free!

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